Recipe for Kiwi Salsa

Recipe for Kiwi Salsa

Recipe for Kiwi Salsa

Peel and chop 6 kiwis, a fistful of fresh cilantro, 2 medium to large-sized Vidalia onions and 3 medium to large-sized tomatoes, plus 6 large green chilies. Add a spritz (maybe a half a teaspoon?) of lime juice and a dash (teaspoon?) of salt (I prefer Kosher salt but regular is fine). Mix well and refrigerate, preferably overnight.

Serve with chips and other Mexican-type food… items. This fills 2 decent-sized Tupperware containers and lasts for a week if kept refrigerated.


We usually don’t have big tomatoes that haven’t been claimed for salad so I usually use 2 cans of low sodium chopped tomatoes.

  • Want it hotter? Keep the seeds and ribs with the chilies. Milder? Discard the seeds and ribs.
  • No Vidalias? White onions work almost as well.
  • No lime juice? Lemon juice is a decent substitute.
  • No kiwis? Well, you can’t really call it Kiwi Salsa. I’ve tried mangos, which are okay, and pears, which are meh.

Courtesy of Ad Astra author Borg Dominant.

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